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Discover the complete solution for your machine CE Marking projects. Our innovative, cloud-based tool depicts the entire process for your CE projects and guides you safely to CE marking.


Goal orientated legislative research and standards filter for CE marking projects

CERTAIN provides thorough, focused research that identifies the relevant directives and standards for your CE marking project. Leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and the extensive expertise of our specialists, CERTAIN directs you to the optimal standards selection for your project, quickly and simply.


Our web application provides clear advantages when researching EU regulations. By answering targeted questions, CERTAIN filters through regulations and standards, ultimately listing the ones relevant to your project for you to select and apply to your product evaluation.


Precise results with minimal time and effort through optimized research.

Up to date

Our software is always up to date and our legislative standards are constantly updated. The documentation created with CERTAIN complies with the current legal requirements at the time of creation.

Durch Filterung zu den relevanten Normen
Präzise Fragestellung zum gewünschten Ergebnis


Comprehensive risk assessment: Safety first!

CERTAIN provides a systematic and iterative process to give you clarity on potential hazards relating to your machine. Identify, assess, and minimize risks according to DIN EN 12100 to significantly enhance the inherent safety of your product and ensure compliance with all the relevant regulations.

Iterative Gefährdungsminderung mit Identifikation und Bewertung
Ihre automatisch generierten Dokumente

Identification + assessment

With our web application, you can quickly and securely identify the hazards posed by your machinery. The guided dialogue for risk assessment according to DIN EN 12100 considers and evaluates the entire product life cycle.

Iterative hazard mitigation

Hazard mitigation is determined as an iterative process using the 3-step method (identify - assess - mitigate) and is documented with specifically identified measures for implementation. This application can therefore provide significant benefits very early on in the product development phase.

Risk library

An extensive risk library supports you in describing and evaluating the identified hazards

Performance Level requirement PLr

CERTAIN also provides practical features for risk mitigation in the control technology of machines. The required performance level according to DIN EN 13849-1 is determined based on the initial risk factor and documented accordingly.



Document and archive your results!

CERTAIN generates the documents required for CE marking of your product based on your input and results, ready formatted. Our state-of-the-art cloud solution hosted by AWS in Germany guarantees site-independent availability coupled with the best possible security for your valuable intellectual property.

Alle benötigten Dokumente erzeugen

Document creation

With a single click, generate all your documents, such as the risk assessment, declarations of exclusion, incorporation or conformity, etc. Uploaded logos and images are added into the documents.

📁 Technical Documentation
📁 External Documentation
📁 Declaration of Conformity
📄 Declaration of Conformity.pdf
📁 User Manual
📄 User Manual.pdf
📁 Internal Documentation
📁 Risk Assessment
📄 Risk Assessment.pdf
📁 Type Plate
📄 Type Plate.pdf

The right structure is crucial!

The more complex a machine is, the more extensive the technical documentation becomes. Benefit from our experience in structuring complex documentation. CERTAIN helps you maintain control.

Revision management

Keep track of the revisions in your documentation. With CERTAIN revision management, changes remain transparent and traceable.

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